F l u t i s t
18 | flutist/ singer | female
the baddest bitch you will ever know.
senior at a shit school, Hell High.
I'm vulgar, deal with it shithead.
My name? My name is Tayuya.

*Role plays for Hell High.*


You know what I’m trying to tell you! With my skills, I can turn any gay man straight! *pumps fist in air* 

I don’t care if he’s gay or not…okay I kind of do but I’m disgusted because IT’S MY COUSIN! They’ve been best friends for however long now who knows how long they’ve been secret lovers. All I know is, Sasuke is an Uzumaki hoe. I refuse to chase after him anymore even if I love him…LIKE him I just LIKE him. It’s going alright he’s really sweet and he told me he loves me *sweatdrop* don’t even go there Tayuya. 

Mehhh, you can turn anyone straight or gay.. for the ladies, ehm I right?

I guess that’s a good name for the whore but he did kiss ya, maybe he did like you. Well dropping that subject. HOW LONG HAVE YOU TWO ASSHATS BEEN TOGETHER? What does he mean he loves you? He’s one of those that just throws the world love around like a dumbass? well he sounds like maybe he is waiting to burst out of the closet. -laughs- I’m just fucking with you but seriously, ya love him too?

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